STAR-LTD PUMICE is miner of Pumice Stone.Our company Based in Nevsehir.We are one of the biggest pumice miner in the Turkey. Pumice Stone is originated from Nevsehir, Turkey where supplies the best quality of Pumice Stone all over the world. We have our own Pumice Stone mine and office in Nevsehir to supply the finest products to meet our clients needs. Our company has always developed and offered the best suited product specifically aimed at the needs of each different sector. As the reserves of pumice controlled and exploited by the company provides us with many different characteristics of pumice we are able to evaluate the needs of the customer and source the product from the appropiate location. Together with the quality of the product comes a high level of service and technical support wherever possible. Our aim was and is to develop our product and ensure that as many people and organisations become aware of the many possibilities and advantages of using STAR-LTD PUMICE. We are manufacturing pumice in every dimension with 200 tonnes/day capacity and we are shipping our goods 365 days as to be packed or bulk in accordance with needs of our customers. We offer the best quality Pumice Stone for textile and denim wash, constructions,health,glass sector,cosmetic and plaster. Pumice stone is the best material in constructions for voice,eat insulation,fire,air protection and very light stone. In order to maintain the finest quality of the Pumice Stone, we wash the Pumice Stone twice to separate the volcanic stones and other particles, and tumble for three times. After this process, the Pumice Stone would be round and without corners. The other specialty of our Pumice Stone is pure white and leaves very little waste. With our straight quality control, we offer the best quality products. Moreover, the most significant feature of our product is ENABLE TO WASH MORE CONSTRUCTION, TEXTILE AND DENIM THAN OTHER PRODUCTS We keep our promise to supply the best quality of Pumice Stone with the most competitive price.