Pumice For Cosmetic


Foot, hand, knee, ankle and other parts of the body where calluses and dead skin cells develope and require cleaning. Using warm water, soften area to be cleaned then using pumice stone. Rub softly against infected area without applying pressure. Dead skin cells will be removed.Without a doubt, the best product for removal of dead skin cells and calluses from between toes. the heel, ankles and the knee area is all natural pumice stones.

Dead skin cells are easily removed by softly rubbing natural pumice stone block over infected area after bathing or showering. During this process, blood flow is increased, therefore giving a massaging effects.Care and health of the feet is important for health of the body. Doctors highly advise the use of natural pumice stone to diabetics for the important removal of dead skin cells and the daily care of feet.


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Minimum order : 10.000 pieces